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A white, dazzling smile is something that almost everyone desires. However, sometimes you need a little assistance to get your teeth sparkling. Anna Vaysman, DMD, and her staff at Scottsdale Dental Bottega provide expert teeth whitening. To book a consultation for a confident smile, call Scottsdale Dental Bottega today.

Teeth whitening Procedure for bright smiles

FAQs About Teeth Whitening

Are the results of professional teeth whitening comparable to those of over-the-counter products?

Professional teeth whitening is a process that is dentist-approved and can whiten your teeth in only one visit, giving you immediate results. The effectiveness of over-the-counter solutions can take several sessions to be noticeable, and a dentist is unable to check the safety of the chemicals you apply to your teeth.

The Scottsdale Dental Bottega staff examines you thoroughly prior to treatment to ensure sure there are no visible symptoms of damage. The teeth whitening process moves forward if your oral health appears to be in good shape.

The team can also provide a treatment that you can use at home, with trays that are specially made to fit your mouth, along with advice on safety for usage.

Is teeth whitening right for me?

Your chance of developing tooth stains over time may be impacted by a number of variables, including:

  • Age
  • Antibiotics
  • The color of the food and drink consumed
  • Some medications
  • Genetics
  • Teeth with decay
  • Smoking

During your appointment, the staff will assist you to decide if teeth whitening is the best option for you to get teeth as white as you’d like.

Does whitening your teeth cause pain or discomfort?

Tooth sensitivity may result from teeth whitening. The hydrogen-peroxide gel’s ingredients start to remove stains and discoloration as soon as it is applied. There are those who suffer from dental discomfort and those who do not.

If you do encounter sensitivity, there are several strategies to lessen your discomfort:

  • For a day or two, stay away from hot and cold meals and drinks.
  • Brush your teeth gently with warm water.
  • Avoid letting air travel over your teeth by breathing via your nose.
  • Utilize the recommended over-the-counter pain medications.

Don’t worry too much, tooth pain from whitening does not last long.

How does it actually make my teeth whiter?

Your teeth are cleaned and then checked before the process starts. Your procedure can be stopped if you show indicators of decay. If not, your procedure can continue.

Your dentist whitens your teeth using a professional-grade whitening chemical gel. The gel is gently applied to each tooth while your gums are covered to protect them.

It takes between 60 and 90 minutes to complete this procedure.

Make an appointment for teeth whitening by getting in touch with the Scottsdale Dental Bottega team.

Professional, extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy  and great.

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Dr. Vaysman is truly a local treasure. Sometimes “extracting” a positive dental review from a patient can be difficult, but I can assure you of the numerous local dentists, she wears the “crown”.

Greg T

Dr. Vaysman is one of the sweetest most amazing dentists. I had a filling replaced with decay under it, never felt a thing. She’s AMAZING! Thank you so much 🙂

Tracy H

Dr. Vaysman is an exceptional practitioner and a lovely individual as well. I cannot recommend her enough!

Sheryl N