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The days of getting braces and having an embarrassing “metal mouth” and headgear are long gone. You can covertly straighten your teeth with Invisalign so that no one will ever notice. To help adults and teenagers attain straighter smiles, Anna Vaysman, DMD and the skilled staff at Scottsdale Dental Bottega in Scottsdale, Arizona, offer Invisalign. Call our office to schedule your appointment if clear braces are of interest to you.

Modern Invisible braces

FAQs of Invisalign

How does invisalign work?

For adults and teenagers, Invisalign is a form of teeth-straightening technology that uses removable, transparent aligners. The Scottsdale Dental Bottega staff creates a treatment strategy that includes individually made pairs of aligners that snugly fit over your teeth. Though the recommended interval is every one to two weeks, you will receive detailed instructions on when to change your aligners.

You may take out this aligner system to eat, drink, and brush your teeth, which is one of its main advantages. Of course, for a lot of people, being virtually invisible is also a huge bonus. In fact, unless you tell them, most people won’t even be aware that you are wearing braces.

Several types of bite problems, including overbite, underbite, open bite, and crossbite, can be corrected with Invisalign, in addition to crowding, crooked teeth, and gapped teeth.

Can people of all ages use Invisalign?

Both adults and teenagers can benefit from Invisalign. Since the aligners are designed for a tight fit, younger patients with developing teeth might not be appropriate candidates for the treatment. After visiting with you, learning about your oral health objectives, and performing a comprehensive dental examination, Dr. Vaysman will provide a suggestion on the best kind of teeth straightening option for you.

How do I begin using Invisalign?

At Scottsdale Dental Bottega, your adventure with Invisalign starts with a thorough examination. A 3D scan of your teeth is created by Dr. Vaysman and sent to the Invisalign lab.  You come back to Scottsdale Dental Bottega for your fitting as soon as they are finished producing your personalized aligners.

Regular dental checkups, usually every six weeks, are required once you start using the aligners. They ensure sure you’re wearing the aligners properly and that they’re working as intended to straighten your teeth. Scottsdale Dental Bottega can be reached at any time if you suffer any problems with your aligners, but most patients don’t.

How long must I wear my aligners every day?

The Scottsdale Dental Bottega staff advises wearing your Invisalign aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day for the optimum results. To eat, drink, and brush your teeth, you can take them off. Simply place the aligners back in your mouth before bed after flossing and brushing your teeth at night.

Make an appointment with Dr. Anna Vaysman, DMD at Scottsdale Dental Bottega if you’ve been considering getting braces.

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Dr. Vaysman is truly a local treasure. Sometimes “extracting” a positive dental review from a patient can be difficult, but I can assure you of the numerous local dentists, she wears the “crown”.

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Dr. Vaysman is one of the sweetest most amazing dentists. I had a filling replaced with decay under it, never felt a thing. She’s AMAZING! Thank you so much 🙂

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Dr. Vaysman is an exceptional practitioner and a lovely individual as well. I cannot recommend her enough!

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