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Did you know that routine, professional teeth cleaning can help you maintain your oral health throughout your life? Anna Vaysman, DMD, and the professional dental team at Scottsdale Dental Bottega perform dental teeth cleanings to help you prevent tooth decay and gum disease. To schedule an appointment for a smile that gives you confidence, call Scottsdale Dental Bottega today.

teeth cleaning

teeth cleaning q & A

what is a professional teeth cleaning?

A professional teeth cleaning helps prevent oral health issues and supports your at-home oral hygiene practices.

The team at Scottsdale Dental Bottega encourages you to brush at least twice a day and floss at least once a day, in addition to using an antiseptic mouthwash daily.

When you see your dental provider for a cleaning, they have the tools and expertise to remove any remaining bacteria that can naturally collect on your teeth that can turn into plaque. If not removed, the plaque hardens into a substance called tartar, which can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss.

Professinal teeth cleanings should continue at least twice a year to help you maintain oral health throughout your life.

what happens during a teeth cleaning?

visual examination of your oral health

Before your cleaning begins, your dental specialist examines your teeth, bite, gums, jaw, and mouth. The team also reviews your medical history.

removal of plaque and tartar

After your oral exam, your dental provider removes plaque and tartar from your teeth with a special dental tool.

Teeth polishing

Cleaning your teeth thoroughly involves getting your teeth polished with a gritty toothpaste applied to an electric toothbrush that removes any remaining plaque.


Your dental professional flosses your teeth and has you rinse to get rid of any final debris.

Fluoride treatment

The final step includes applying fluoride to your teeth to protect them from developing tooth decay. 

Although you might feel some prodding, scraping, and occasional jaw discomfort from leaving your mouth open during the process, it’s simple, painless, and only takes 30 minutes to an hour.

how often should i have a teeth cleaning?

The team at Scottsdale Dental Bottega recommends that you schedule your teeth cleaning every six months. However, if you have more serious oral health issues, your provider might suggest additional cleanings.

For example, if you have diabetes or other medical issues that could cause you to be at higher risk for oral health issues, they may set up a schedule that requires more frequent cleanings to prevent issues in the future.

To schedule a teeth cleaning, contact the friendly staff at Scottsdale Dental Bottega today.

Professional, extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy  and great.

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Dr. Vaysman is truly a local treasure. Sometimes “extracting” a positive dental review from a patient can be difficult, but I can assure you of the numerous local dentists, she wears the “crown”.

Greg T

Dr. Vaysman is one of the sweetest most amazing dentists. I had a filling replaced with decay under it, never felt a thing. She’s AMAZING! Thank you so much 🙂

Tracy H

Dr. Vaysman is an exceptional practitioner and a lovely individual as well. I cannot recommend her enough!

Sheryl N