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Severe toothache or traumatic damage to your teeth are the most likely reasons for needing emergency dentistry. If you’re in need of urgent dental care, Anna Vaysman, DMD, of Scottsdale Dental Bottega can help. At her practice in Scottsdale, Arizona, she provides expert emergency dentistry services that relieve your pain, tackle infection, and save damaged teeth. When you need treatment without delay, call Scottsdale Dental Bottega to book an appointment today.
Inflamed teeth and other dental emergencies

Emergency dentistry q & a

What is emergency dentistry?

Emergency dentistry is fast-track treatment of severe or urgent dental problems that can’t wait for a routine appointment.

There are two primary reasons why you might require emergency dentistry. One is having a severe toothache – particularly if you have a fever as well, which could indicate an infection. The other is incurring some kind of trauma that breaks or dislodges a tooth.

In these situations, emergency dentistry at Scottsdale Dental Bottega can relieve your pain, treat any infection, and help save your tooth.

what should i do if i need emergency dentistry?

If you need emergency dentistry, contact Scottsdale Dental Bottega without delay for an urgent appointment. There are also first aid measures you can take when you have a serious dental problem:

Dislodged teeth

If you knock a tooth out, return it to the socket if at all possible, or place it between your cheek and gums. Alternatively, put the tooth in some milk. Doing one of these as quickly as you can helps keep it alive and gives the Scottsdale Dental Bottega team the best chance of saving the tooth.

cracked tooth

If you damage your tooth, rinse inside your mouth with clean, warm water to keep bacteria from entering the crack. You can also apply cold compresses to keep the swelling under control.

severe toothache

If you have a toothache, you could rinse your mouth out using warm water and floss gently to remove any food particles. A bad toothache is well-known for being especially painful and can radiate into your head, jaw, and neck, sometimes reaching an unbearable level.

Over-the-counter pain medications can help, but don’t put anything containing aspirin onto the tooth before your emergency dentistry appointment.

How do i avoid the need for emergency dentistry?

There are several steps you can take to avoid problems like damaged or dislodged teeth and severe toothaches. These include:

  • Wearing a mouthguard if playing sports
  • Avoiding chewing hard foods or candies
  • Not crunching on ice cubes
  • Never using teeth as a tool to cut or bite

Regular checkups and professional teeth cleaning at Scottsdale Dental Bottega are also vital for reducing your need for emergency dentistry.

If you experience a dental emergency, call Scottsdale Dental Bottega without delay.

Professional, extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy  and great.

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Dr. Vaysman is truly a local treasure. Sometimes “extracting” a positive dental review from a patient can be difficult, but I can assure you of the numerous local dentists, she wears the “crown”.

Greg T

Dr. Vaysman is one of the sweetest most amazing dentists. I had a filling replaced with decay under it, never felt a thing. She’s AMAZING! Thank you so much 🙂

Tracy H

Dr. Vaysman is an exceptional practitioner and a lovely individual as well. I cannot recommend her enough!

Sheryl N